Now-a-days, we are experiencing many premature baby births and their deaths due to the prematurity. It also causes many health issues to the babies like respiratory organ malady, spastic paralysis, vision defect and brain injury etc., this extreme immatureness is that the nation’s leading reason for fatality rate and morbidity. Surgeons and neonatologists witness the consequences of immatureness each day. And currently a groundwork team at Children’s Hospital of City of Brotherly Love has designed a system that would revolutionize look after these little and vulnerable babies.

“These infants have an insistent necessity for a bridge between the mother’s uterus and therefore the outside environment. It will be possible to design such an atmosphere for the baby to experience; we will be succeeded in decreasing these premature baby births.

Taking all these points into consideration, researchers have started their experiments with the glass incubator tank and at last developed a device. This device consists of a bag with amniotic fluid. This bag is sealed and has the sterile environment without any hazardous infections. After the birth of the premature baby, the baby is immersed in the liquid and placed in it for some weeks such that the baby experiences her mother’s womb. This device doesn’t contain any external heart pumper or ventilator as the baby’s body is not yet prepared to resist these things but contains an external oxygenator which replaces the placenta of the mother and exchanges the oxygen and carbon dioxide. All the body parts of the baby will be developed as usually supplying the nutrients and other essential growth factors.

The experiments were made on this device with some animals like lamb and were placed in the fluid for nearly 28 days and were as healthy as the normal born lamb. As the evidences shows, this device is used to control the premature baby deaths.



A latest robotic drill performs a kind of complicated cranial surgery fifty times more rapidly than ordinary procedures has been developed by scientists together with one among Indian origin. The Mechanized drill is similar to  automobile elements that provide quick, clean and safe cuts, reducing the time the wound is opened and also the patient sedation time

This can reduces the occurrence of infection, human faults, and surgical expenses. To perform complicated surgeries, particularly cranial surgeries, surgeons generally use hand drills to form labyrinthine openings, which takes many hours to complete. The mechanized drill reduces the time for bone removal from 3 hours to 2.5 minutes.

First, the patient is imaged employing a CT scan to collect bone information and determine the precise location of sensitive structures, like nerves and major veins and arteries that has got to be avoided. Surgeons use this statistics to monitor the cutting path of the drill. The software allows the surgeon to select the optimum path from purpose A to purpose B as in the Google maps. It also allows the surgeon to programme safety barriers along the cutting path within one millimeter of sensitive structures

The translabyrinthine surgery is performed thousands of times a year in order to remove benign tumors that form in the region of the auditory nerves. This surgery is very complicated such that the cutting path should avoid numerous sensitive features, including facial nerves and the venous sinus (a large vein that drains blood from the brain). Risk factor of this surgery is loss of facial movement. In order to avoid this risk factor the mechanized drill consists an automatic emergency shut-off switch to avoid contact with the facial nerve. If the mechanized drill gets too close to the facial nerve then the drill automatically turns off.



To condense the water from the humid air, water harvesting machines require energy. Based on this criterion, Researchers have created the primary water harvester that merely uses the sunlight. The major element in the machine is an enormous porous material known as “METAL-ORGANIC FRAMEWORK” which is formed by the combination of metals like aluminum or magnesium with organic molecules in a tinker-toy arrangement.

This MOF is placed between the solar absorber and a condenser plate, positioned within a chamber exposed to air and sunlight.  It has the capacity to absorb 20% of water from the low humid air. For example, over the conditions of 20-30% of humid air, the water harvester can produce 2.8 liters of water using 1 kilogram of MOF within 12 hours.  When the sunlight falls on the MOF, it gets heated up and produces water vapor which in turn produces water by the process of condensation and get collected into a container. The percentage of water acquired depends mostly on the amount of humidity present in the atmosphere.

This technique paved a path to harvest water from the air, without high relative humidity circumstances. It is very efficient water harvester when compared to existing machinery.


Latest kinds of “poppers” are inhalant drugs that individuals use for recreation are very toxicant to people’s eyes revealed in a study.

Poppers are usually sold in sex outlets or on-line, however can’t be sold officially as a product for human utilization. They’re usually tagged as domestic product like “video head cleaners” or “room odorizers”. These drugs are colorless liquids that once indrawn will cause temporary high spirits and arousal.

The new report illustrates 12 cases of individuals in southern European nation UN agency, experienced vision tribulations very shortly by inhalation of poppers people are using these poppers since 20 years.

When the researchers analyzed the chemical composition of the poppers that the individuals had used, they found that a chemical named isopropyl nitrite was coupled with eye injury. The use of isopropyl nitrite is the replacement of another chemical called butyl nitrite as it was banned in the legislation of Britain in 2006.

Based on the experiments and research done, the researchers observed that isopropyl nitrite is very toxicant to the fovea centralis [a tiny pit within the middle of the retina] and might cause vital visual disturbance. The people inhaling these poppers experiences vision problems such as blurriness or blind spots etc.,



For the first time in human’s clinical trial, women with either breast or female internal reproductive organ tumors were injected intravenously with Microbubbles capable of binding and recognize the cancer. This is the technique which is secure and susceptible.

Medical microbubbles are spheres of phospholipids, an equivalent material that produces up the membranes of living cells. The bubbles square measure 1 to 4 microns in diameter which is slightly smaller than a red blood corpuscle and crammed with a harmless mixture of perfluorobutane and element gas.

The microbubbles will be binded to a receptor by KDR which is found on the tumor blood vessels of cancer, however not in healthy tissue. A noncancerous cell doesn’t have such receptors. And since benign breast and female internal reproductive organ tumors sometimes lack KDR, the labeled microbubbles which are usually known as MBKDR, passes through them such that the bubbles stay hooked up to the tumor cells for much time and allows the clinicians to go on with the test using ultrasound technology.

The KDR microbubbles strengthen and recover the diagnoses and avoid the unnecessary surgeries in ladies suspected of getting breast or female internal reproductive organ cancer.


The habit of smoking tobacco with a tobacco pipe known as a HOOKAH began many years ago in geographical area and unfolds across the Center East. Today Hookah tobacco is smoked around the world. Several cities within the world have Hookah cafes where individuals get along to smoke socially.

The mushy, tasteful tobacco in hookah pipes is generally burned with specially created charcoal briquettes, which might contain significant metals or different toxins. However researchers found that a trendy substitute, electrical heating disks sold-out in most tobacco retailers are more harmful to your health.

The researchers conducted an experiment by heating the Hookah tobacco in two forms of commercially obtainable charcoal and the other one is with an electrical heat supply generally known as e-charcoal.

After the completion of experiments they gave observed that:

  • Lower-toxin charcoal killed10% of respiratory organ cells after 24 hours.
  • Higher-toxin charcoal killed25% of respiratory organ
  • E-charcoal killed athumping 80% of respiratory organ

Unlike e-cigarettes, that converts hot liquid into a vapor, Hookah pipes burn real tobacco mixed with glycerin and flavorings. So the researchers suspects the culprits that killed the respiratory organ cells were volatile organic compounds like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, that area unit discharged once organic material like tobacco burns. These compounds are connected to a spread of cancers, together with carcinoma.


Scientists have developed a brand new 5D technique for analyzing pictures, associated with advanced technique which will create it easier to quickly realize revealing signs of diseases from photos taken using mobile phones.

A technique named “Hyper-Spectral Phasor” analysis, or HYSP, more rapid and much more cost-effective than current techniques, which helps in designation and observation of diseases by using the images taken by the mobile phones.

Researchers used fluorescent imaging to find proteins and alternative molecules in cells and tissues. It works based on the principle called supposed “black light” pictures in which the molecules are tagged with dyes that glow beneath definite varieties of light.

Fluorescent imaging will facilitate scientists to perceive that molecules area unit made in giant amounts in cancer or alternative diseases, data which will be helpful in identification or in distinguishing feasible targets for therapeutic medicine.

Researchers should scrutinize different labels completely and then apply difficult techniques to layer them mutually and draw the outline, however they relate to at least one another, a prolonged and pricey method.

A situation arises to view the 18 targets. Then they’ll do this all right away by using HYSP, instead of performing 18 separate experiments and checking them out.

In addition, the formula effectively filters through interference to tell apart actuality signal, although that signal is extraordinarily weak.

Recent technology from NASA’s reaction propulsion laboratory also can try this, however the instrumentation and methodology is too costlier and sustained.

  Also it uses abundant less computing time. It may be feasible in the future for clinicians to use HYSP to investigate telephone photos of skin lesions to work out if they’re in danger of being cancerous.

“we might confirm if the lesions have modified color or form over time,” researcher aforesaid. Clinicians might then examine the patient to make sure of a identification and respond suitably.