Thanksgiving Day is a day of giving thanks for blessing them with the harvest and of the progressing year. It is a day of celebration in many countries like Canada, United States, Liberia, Japan and some of the Caribbean islands. It’s a time to be appreciative and grateful for all we’ve and a time to mirror on the year and acknowledge people who have provided the love, care, and a focus to create our lives higher. In most of the countries Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the Fourth Thursday of November every year.


Prayers of thanksgiving ceremonies are common amongst all the religions during the time of harvests. The history of Thanksgiving stretches the entire manner back to a time long before America became a nation. During 1620, pilgrims came to settle down in the North America. At times brutal conditions were faced by them which lead to death of many people due to droughts. As the days moved on, they began to harvest the corn successfully and in order to show their gratitude and thankfulness to God they decided to celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving Day in the year 1621. In the year 1789, President George Washington declared 26th November as national thanks giving day. During the rule of Abraham Lincoln, he proclaimed “last Thursday of November” as thanks giving day which everyone follows till today.



Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) could be a condition in which the walls of the throat relax and gets contracted throughout the sleep, leading to snoring and interrupting respiration. This is common in patients with type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, the common type of diabetic disease, diabetic retinopathy affects between 40 and 50 percent of patients with diabetes and leads to loss of eyesight.Many studies have proved that there is some relation between OSA and diabetic retinopathy. But there were no studies showing the impact of OSA on the progression of diabetic retinopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes. So, the University of Birmingham had started to study the impact of OSA.  Dr. Abd Tahrani, of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Metabolism and Systems analysis, said: “Despite enhancements in aldohexose, pressure and macromolecule levels, diabetic retinopathy remains quite common”.

Meanwhile, OSA has been shown to be quite common in patients with Type 2 diabetes, that isn’t wicked considering that excess weight, contributes to the event of each of those conditions. However, most of the patients have OSA but they aren’t aware that they are under the condition and therefore the illness might go unknown for yearsFirstly, we tend to show that sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy was less common in patients with Type 2 diabetes without OSA compared to those with Type 2 diabetes and OSA. However, the study proved that patients with OSA and Type 2 diabetes will face the risk of developing advanced diabetic retinopathy over an amount of 3 years and 7 months.”

Some of the patients with OSA and type 2 diabetes are taken for diabetic retinopathy victimization specialist for the retinal imaging, whereas OSA was assessed employing a home-based, multi-channel cardio-respiratory moveable device. The results showed that diabetic retinopathy prevalence was lower in patients without OSA (24.1%) compared to those with OSA (42.9%).Meanwhile, the study conjointly proved that patients who took the treatment for OSA employing a machine connected to a mask that delivers pressure to stop the blockage of the airways throughout sleep had a higher risk of developing advanced diabetic retinopathy compared to patients who received the treatment.

Dr Tahrani said: “The conclusion of the study is that OSA is associate freelance predictor for the progression to moderate or severe diabetic retinopathy in patients with Type 2 diabetes.“Following our analysis, it’s vital that clinicians treating patients with sort Type 2 diabetes should be aware that their patients with OSA are significantly at augmented risk of developing advance retinopathy and, hence, acceptable preventative measures ought to be taken.”Clinicians ought to think about testing patients for OSA as OSA is extremely common in patients with sort two polygenic diseases.”


Durable usage of Aspirin to forestall the clotting of  blood in terribly aged patient’s  will lead to greater risk of severe or deadly internal hemorrhage, statement given by researchers. Medication for heartburn or indigestion would permit the people under the age of 60 to 75 years should not take more dosage of Aspirin in order to overcome its dangerous side-effects. By the analysis report, researchers say that “Even amongst folks with no record of heart issues or stroke, the danger of canal injury would be rather high in the Aspirin users.”

Many of the adults and other age groups uses Aspirin for headache, stomach ache etc., the normal dosage to be taken for headache is nearly 325 mg to 600 mg. Long term usage of Aspirin is particularly counseled for patients who have suffered a coronary failure or stroke. To grab additional information, Peter Roth well led a team of Researchers from the University of Oxford to study medical report of 3000 patients who are suffering from coronary failure and asked them to take Aspirin of certain dosage daily for some years. Then they noticed that the effect on the patients was changing based on their age group, for patients below 65, the annual rate of hospital admissions attributable to injury was 1.5%, for patients 75 to eighty 84, the speed rose to 3.5%  and for those who were over 85 was 5% absolutely.

“We have recognized that Aspirin will increase the danger of injury in aged patients,” Roth well aforementioned in an exceedingly statement but our study offers a clearer understanding of the dimensions of the enlarged risk and therefore the severity of the results.The researchers recommend that taking nucleon pump inhibitors (PPI) – a sort of symptom medication – may cut back injury within the higher epithelial duct by up to 90%.

“There is proof that long-run PPI use might need some little risks,” but the new knowledge ought to give support that the advantages of PPI use at older age outweigh the risks. Treatment programs ought to be reviewed each 3 to 5 years in terribly aged patients WHO take analgesic and PPIs. Treatment programs should be reviewed every three to five years in very elderly patients who take aspirin and PPIs together, the authors said. “It is evident from the above content conferred that people under the age of 75 taking PPI with the Aspirin was related to a reduced chance of injury”.



Stress is defined as state of emotional and mental condition due to pressure related issue like (work, energy) resulting in many adversed conditions like headache, coma etc. In medical terms stress is described as, “a psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension that may lead to illness. It may be cause due to  difficult situations, Work overload, Career problems, Living condition, Family related issues, Lack of support, Sudden changes in working condition, Frustration and  Racial conflicts etc., In order to avoid such consequences scientists started researches to design a device that reduces the stress and succeeded.

Researchers from the Department of psychological science at Royal Holloway, University of London evaluated the soothing effects of a replacement wearable device referred to as “Doppel”, a wristband intended to vigorously hold back stress by means of the spontaneous reactions which are experienced by us, and particularly heartbeats. “Wearable devices have become omnipresent in way of life, however across the board their primary aim is to quantify our activity and takes measures such that the activity is done in a safe way”.

Human beings obviously reacts to the rhythm, for instance, the beats of a song generally alters our respiratory and heart rates. Melodious or low pitch tempos consequently results in minor excitement and pleasant or peaceful arousing states, whereas we tend to associate quick rhythms with emotional states like ecstasy, enthusiasm, revelation, worry or anger. Apart from music, many studies account same effects as a reaction to natural rhythms, and also the heartbeat is probably the foremost omnipresent biological rhythm in nature.

 “High emotional reactions are closely related to high heart beat and low emotional reactions to less heart beat” statement given by the researcher and also said that the device doppel was designed based on this statement.

To measure the efficaciousness of the device, the researchers kept some volunteers to a socially nerve-wracking scenario and estimated their psychological arousal and their according anxiety levels.

In a restricted, single-blind revision, two teams of applicants were allowed to organize a debate, frequently used psychological assignment that systematically will increase stress. All the applicants were asked to wear the doppel device on their wrist and informed them that the device automatically starts to vibrate when there is change in the rhythm of the heart beat and avoids the stress with its vibrations. Significantly, for less than one in all the two teams of the applicants, the device was turned on and produced vibrations similar to heart beat at a lower frequency than the participants’ resting rate while the discussion is going on.

The researchers estimated the psychological arousal and subjective reports of all the participants to estimate the performance of the device. The employment of doppel had a tangible and measurable calming impact across each physiological and psychological level. Solely the participants felt the heartbeat-like vibration displayed lower will increase in skin electrical phenomenon responses and lower anxiety levels.




There’s a butterfly-shaped secretor in our neck that produces hormones, chemicals that gives indication when cells of the body ought to activate. One hormone secreted by this thyroid directs many key body progressions. These embody brain development, bone strength and growth helps to manage craving and weight gain. But some pollutants present in the body will be interfering in the production of these hormones, called “Perchlorate” this chemical is employed to create explosives, fireworks and rocket motors. The solid booster on the spacecraft contained lots of salt. It is used in food packaging to control the electricity, to spray on paper, cardboard and plastic containers as it keep crumbs and bits of food without clinging. In this way perchlorate enters into our body through the food we eat.

Past analysis had prompt that in individuals, perchlorate may be joined to lower-than-normal levels of the internal secretion called thyroxin .To probe a attainable link between perchlorate and Tetraiodothyronine, the researchers analyzed piddle samples. What quantity of the waste product is found in an exceedingly person’s pee will offer scientists a live of their exposure to salt. The piddle came from quite 3000 folks. The researchers compared the salt levels of piddle to the quantity of tetraiodothyronine in every person’s blood.

The researchers additionally measured 2 alternative chemicals which will block the usage of iodine in the body. These were thiocyanate and nitrate. The sources of thiocyanate and nitrate are cigarette smoking and plant fertilizers which may enters the body through food water or air.

People exposed to large extent of perchlorate had less thyroxin in their blood when compared to those who were rarely exposed and the children with more exposure of perchlorate experiences high hormone drop. Thyroxin plays a major role in the development of reproductive organs. So people with less Thyroxin experiences negative long-run health impacts.

So, people with such impacts should take care that their diet should contain iodine obtaining enough of it’s going to facilitate counter any iodine-blocking effects of perchlorate and alternative chemicals. Seafood, iodized salt, dairy farm merchandise and eggs contain plenty of iodine.  Finally, avoiding packaged foods once attainable may also facilitate cut back of perchlorate exposures. Indeed, researchers say, “It could also be an additional sensible reason to take care of a healthy diet filled with contemporary and non-processed foods”.



Many diseases as well as brain disorders will be treated with electrical stimulation using an electrode constituted within the brain. However, the electrodes will turn out scarring, that diminishes their effectiveness and may necessitate further surgeries to interchange them. MIT researchers have currently incontestable that manufacturing these electrodes abundant smaller will primarily eliminate this scarring, probably permitting the devices to stay within the brain for much longer

“What the researchers doing is altering the dimensions and creating the procedure less invasive,” says archangel Cima, a member of MIT’s Robert Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer. Researchers were designing brain implants that records brain activity or deliver medicine to terribly targeted locations.

Many brain disease patients have benefited from treatment with low-frequency electrical current delivered to a locality of the brain concerned in movement management. The electrodes used for this deep brain stimulation is a couple of millimeters in diameter. Once being constituted, they bit by bit generate connective tissue through the constant rubbing of the conductor against the encircling brain tissue. This method, referred to as “Gliosis”, contributes to the high failure rate of such devices.

Previous studies have urged that making the implants smaller or softer might cut back the quantity of scarring, therefore the university team kicked off to reduce the consequences of each by decreasing the dimensions of the implants and coating them with a soft synthetic resin glycol (PEG) gel.



A small innovation might have a giant impact on pollution. In Belgium, researchers have designed a tool that uses daylight to purify contaminated air and generate hydrogen gas which will be hold on and used for generating power.

Researchers are worked in two teams for years, one on the process of purification and other on producing hydrogen gas. At the University of Urban Center, the scientists had been testing other ways of merging sunlight with nanomaterials for the purification of air. At the University of Leuven, another team had been performing on a small electric cell with a membrane that might generate hydrogen gas from water. Now, these two groups have incorporated their experience to form this latest device that might purify polluted air and generate energy at a similar time.

The researchers are working on the air contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), molecules which are small in size produced from various chemicals used in furnishings, machines, cleansing fluids, upholstery and adhesives. These compounds in decent concentrations, causes severe eye irritation, headaches, nausea, dizziness and respiratory disorders. The small molecules may be found within the air of buildings that aren’t well-ventilated which will result will result in a sickness known as the “Sick Building Syndrome”.

The paradigm cell could be a in a square shape with an energetic space that measures regarding 1 cm by one cm. At one aspect of the device, a tube delivers contaminated air into the cell.  Sunlight enters through a clear window that covers a film coated with a light-activated catalyst. Once contaminated air and sunlight meet at the film, the catalyst tears apart the little organic molecules that produce protons which are collected on the other side of the film. The platinum catalyst placed on the film converts these protons to hydrogen gas. In the intervening time the purified air will be sent out through the other tube.

Researchers were able to purify the contaminated air and produce gas from a spread of organic compounds as well as fuel, grain alcohol and carboxylic acid. They were planning to start researches with aldehyde, a liquid utilized to produce carboxylic acid and perfumes.

The hydrogen gas generated can be accustomed to glow the lights or alternative machines in various industries. They were succeeded in producing the hydrogen gas but did not plan to store the gas, which will be completed in future research. Currently, the membrane responds to UV rays produced by the sun, that is merely 4% to 5% of the energy band. This would be definitely a worthy process as the paradigm cell is able to perform two processes by using the sunlight which is a renewable source of energy.