Thanksgiving Day is a day of giving thanks for blessing them with the harvest and of the progressing year. It is a day of celebration in many countries like Canada, United States, Liberia, Japan and some of the Caribbean islands. It’s a time to be appreciative and grateful for all we’ve and a time to mirror on the year and acknowledge people who have provided the love, care, and a focus to create our lives higher. In most of the countries Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the Fourth Thursday of November every year.


Prayers of thanksgiving ceremonies are common amongst all the religions during the time of harvests. The history of Thanksgiving stretches the entire manner back to a time long before America became a nation. During 1620, pilgrims came to settle down in the North America. At times brutal conditions were faced by them which lead to death of many people due to droughts. As the days moved on, they began to harvest the corn successfully and in order to show their gratitude and thankfulness to God they decided to celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving Day in the year 1621. In the year 1789, President George Washington declared 26th November as national thanks giving day. During the rule of Abraham Lincoln, he proclaimed “last Thursday of November” as thanks giving day which everyone follows till today.


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