Stress is defined as state of emotional and mental condition due to pressure related issue like (work, energy) resulting in many adversed conditions like headache, coma etc. In medical terms stress is described as, “a psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension that may lead to illness. It may be cause due to  difficult situations, Work overload, Career problems, Living condition, Family related issues, Lack of support, Sudden changes in working condition, Frustration and  Racial conflicts etc., In order to avoid such consequences scientists started researches to design a device that reduces the stress and succeeded.

Researchers from the Department of psychological science at Royal Holloway, University of London evaluated the soothing effects of a replacement wearable device referred to as “Doppel”, a wristband intended to vigorously hold back stress by means of the spontaneous reactions which are experienced by us, and particularly heartbeats. “Wearable devices have become omnipresent in way of life, however across the board their primary aim is to quantify our activity and takes measures such that the activity is done in a safe way”.

Human beings obviously reacts to the rhythm, for instance, the beats of a song generally alters our respiratory and heart rates. Melodious or low pitch tempos consequently results in minor excitement and pleasant or peaceful arousing states, whereas we tend to associate quick rhythms with emotional states like ecstasy, enthusiasm, revelation, worry or anger. Apart from music, many studies account same effects as a reaction to natural rhythms, and also the heartbeat is probably the foremost omnipresent biological rhythm in nature.

 “High emotional reactions are closely related to high heart beat and low emotional reactions to less heart beat” statement given by the researcher and also said that the device doppel was designed based on this statement.

To measure the efficaciousness of the device, the researchers kept some volunteers to a socially nerve-wracking scenario and estimated their psychological arousal and their according anxiety levels.

In a restricted, single-blind revision, two teams of applicants were allowed to organize a debate, frequently used psychological assignment that systematically will increase stress. All the applicants were asked to wear the doppel device on their wrist and informed them that the device automatically starts to vibrate when there is change in the rhythm of the heart beat and avoids the stress with its vibrations. Significantly, for less than one in all the two teams of the applicants, the device was turned on and produced vibrations similar to heart beat at a lower frequency than the participants’ resting rate while the discussion is going on.

The researchers estimated the psychological arousal and subjective reports of all the participants to estimate the performance of the device. The employment of doppel had a tangible and measurable calming impact across each physiological and psychological level. Solely the participants felt the heartbeat-like vibration displayed lower will increase in skin electrical phenomenon responses and lower anxiety levels.



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