Breast cancer is the most typical cancer all over the world since many years. There may be many causes for it but intake of a single tumbler of wine or different alcoholic drinks on a daily basis will increase the risk of Ductal Carcinoma or Breast Cancer, reported by American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and also by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).The report additionally disclosed primarily that strong exercise like running or quick cycling reduces the chance of occurrence of   pre- and post-menopausal breast cancers, also said that  moderate exercise reduces the chance of post-menopausal ductal carcinoma, the foremost common sort of carcinoma.

Women should maintain a healthy weight, diet and have to take only little alcohol (beneficiary if not at all taken) and do physical exercises to avoid the risk of breast cancers. In the past researchers started to study how weight, diet and exercise were related and how can these avoid breast cancers. On the basis of 119 case studies of breast cancer, they evaluated that physical activities, diet and weight have immense effects on breast cancer.

The research found proofs that intake of same quantity of beer or wine (10gms of alcohol) every causes the risk of pre-menopausal ductal carcinoma by 5 % and post-menopausal carcinoma risk by 9 %. Breast cancer is mostly found in the women with least physical activity and had a habit of alcoholism.

Being overweight or fat enhances the chance of occurrence of post-menopausal carcinoma, the foremost common sort of ductal carcinoma. Women with breastfeeding can decrease the cause of breast cancer.

Researchers say that non-starchy vegetables lowers risk for estrogen-receptor (ER) negative breast cancers, a less common however tougher to treat sort of tumor. Dairy farm, diets high in metallic element and foods containing carotenoids also reduces the cause of breast cancers. Carrots, apricots, spinach and kale are the foods which are high in carotenoids.

Apart from the Alcoholism, the other factors causing breast cancers are aging, family history, early menstrual period and irregular menstrual cycle. Researchers also said that “there are many factors causing breast cancers which women cannot manage”. But we just have to take some measures like exercise daily, substitute veggies like carrots, bell peppers or tossed salad with other junk foods and try to take one drink or less of alcohol, if you are habituated for it so that we may reduce the cause of breast cancers.


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