Now-a-days, we are experiencing many premature baby births and their deaths due to the prematurity. It also causes many health issues to the babies like respiratory organ malady, spastic paralysis, vision defect and brain injury etc., this extreme immatureness is that the nation’s leading reason for fatality rate and morbidity. Surgeons and neonatologists witness the consequences of immatureness each day. And currently a groundwork team at Children’s Hospital of City of Brotherly Love has designed a system that would revolutionize look after these little and vulnerable babies.

“These infants have an insistent necessity for a bridge between the mother’s uterus and therefore the outside environment. It will be possible to design such an atmosphere for the baby to experience; we will be succeeded in decreasing these premature baby births.

Taking all these points into consideration, researchers have started their experiments with the glass incubator tank and at last developed a device. This device consists of a bag with amniotic fluid. This bag is sealed and has the sterile environment without any hazardous infections. After the birth of the premature baby, the baby is immersed in the liquid and placed in it for some weeks such that the baby experiences her mother’s womb. This device doesn’t contain any external heart pumper or ventilator as the baby’s body is not yet prepared to resist these things but contains an external oxygenator which replaces the placenta of the mother and exchanges the oxygen and carbon dioxide. All the body parts of the baby will be developed as usually supplying the nutrients and other essential growth factors.

The experiments were made on this device with some animals like lamb and were placed in the fluid for nearly 28 days and were as healthy as the normal born lamb. As the evidences shows, this device is used to control the premature baby deaths.


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