To condense the water from the humid air, water harvesting machines require energy. Based on this criterion, Researchers have created the primary water harvester that merely uses the sunlight. The major element in the machine is an enormous porous material known as “METAL-ORGANIC FRAMEWORK” which is formed by the combination of metals like aluminum or magnesium with organic molecules in a tinker-toy arrangement.

This MOF is placed between the solar absorber and a condenser plate, positioned within a chamber exposed to air and sunlight.  It has the capacity to absorb 20% of water from the low humid air. For example, over the conditions of 20-30% of humid air, the water harvester can produce 2.8 liters of water using 1 kilogram of MOF within 12 hours.  When the sunlight falls on the MOF, it gets heated up and produces water vapor which in turn produces water by the process of condensation and get collected into a container. The percentage of water acquired depends mostly on the amount of humidity present in the atmosphere.

This technique paved a path to harvest water from the air, without high relative humidity circumstances. It is very efficient water harvester when compared to existing machinery.


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