Latest kinds of “poppers” are inhalant drugs that individuals use for recreation are very toxicant to people’s eyes revealed in a study.

Poppers are usually sold in sex outlets or on-line, however can’t be sold officially as a product for human utilization. They’re usually tagged as domestic product like “video head cleaners” or “room odorizers”. These drugs are colorless liquids that once indrawn will cause temporary high spirits and arousal.

The new report illustrates 12 cases of individuals in southern European nation UN agency, experienced vision tribulations very shortly by inhalation of poppers people are using these poppers since 20 years.

When the researchers analyzed the chemical composition of the poppers that the individuals had used, they found that a chemical named isopropyl nitrite was coupled with eye injury. The use of isopropyl nitrite is the replacement of another chemical called butyl nitrite as it was banned in the legislation of Britain in 2006.

Based on the experiments and research done, the researchers observed that isopropyl nitrite is very toxicant to the fovea centralis [a tiny pit within the middle of the retina] and might cause vital visual disturbance. The people inhaling these poppers experiences vision problems such as blurriness or blind spots etc.,


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