The habit of smoking tobacco with a tobacco pipe known as a HOOKAH began many years ago in geographical area and unfolds across the Center East. Today Hookah tobacco is smoked around the world. Several cities within the world have Hookah cafes where individuals get along to smoke socially.

The mushy, tasteful tobacco in hookah pipes is generally burned with specially created charcoal briquettes, which might contain significant metals or different toxins. However researchers found that a trendy substitute, electrical heating disks sold-out in most tobacco retailers are more harmful to your health.

The researchers conducted an experiment by heating the Hookah tobacco in two forms of commercially obtainable charcoal and the other one is with an electrical heat supply generally known as e-charcoal.

After the completion of experiments they gave observed that:

  • Lower-toxin charcoal killed10% of respiratory organ cells after 24 hours.
  • Higher-toxin charcoal killed25% of respiratory organ
  • E-charcoal killed athumping 80% of respiratory organ

Unlike e-cigarettes, that converts hot liquid into a vapor, Hookah pipes burn real tobacco mixed with glycerin and flavorings. So the researchers suspects the culprits that killed the respiratory organ cells were volatile organic compounds like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, that area unit discharged once organic material like tobacco burns. These compounds are connected to a spread of cancers, together with carcinoma.


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