The sex of a baby is also expected by the mother’s pressure level, in line with a brand new study that found that ladies with lower BP before gestation square measure, doubtless to administer birth to a lady.

Dr.Ravi Retnakaran, medical specialist at Sinai Hospital in North American country found that the pregnant women with  higher pressure level was a sign that  she will give birth to a baby boy whereas pregnant women with lower pressure level attended offer birth to a baby girl.

This “suggests that a woman’s pressure level before gestation may be an antecedently unrecognized issue that’s related to her chance of delivering a boy or a girl”.

“This novel insight could hold implications for conceptive planning and our understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying the sex magnitude relation in humans”.

 The possibility of predicting the sex of the baby in early gestation has long been a subject of public enthrallment, spawning varied theories of maternal characteristics related to the presence of a male or feminine vertebrate.

After the analysis on nearly 1500 pregnant women considering the factors like age, education, smoking, BMI, waist, cholesterol, triglycerides and aldohexose, beat pressure level before gestation was found to be higher in women who gave birth to a baby girl and lower in women who gave birth to a baby boy.

Higher maternal pressure level before gestation emerged as a freelance predictor of subsequently delivering a boy.


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