Scientists have developed a replacement wise needle with a small cameras that permits surgeons to ascertain at risk of blood vessels and avoid injuring the, associate advance will create surgical procedure safer.

The tiny imaging probe encased at intervals, a brain diagnostic test needle allows the surgeons to “see” blood vessels as they insert the needle and permits them to avoid inflicting bleeds that may doubtless be fatal.

We can say that it’s a wise needle containing a small fiber-optic camera which is equal to the dimensions of a person’s hair, shining infrared emission to ascertain the vessels before the needle will injure them.

And what is extremely exciting is that the system or computer associated with the needle shows the position of the blood vessels in the brain such that the surgeons observing the system will be alert. Over the past six months, this needle has been utilized in a pilot trial with twelve patients undergoing surgery at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western.

These needles are going to be prepared for formal clinical trials next year, researchers aforementioned. “To have a tool that may see blood vessels as we have a tendency to proceed through the brain would revolutionize neurosurgery”. “It paves a path for the approach of safer surgery.



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