Sitting down for long periods of your time is not just dangerous for your metabolism it will cause you to age faster too.
New analysis has found that sitting down for ten or additional hours each day without regular exercise will build an individual’s cells age untimely. The University of CA urban center study checked out nearly 1500 ladies aged between 64 and 95. It found the cells of ladies who sit for over ten hours and do 40 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise each day are biologically eight years older than women who are less inactive.
The shortening of telomeres is related to cardiovascular disease, polygenic disease and major cancers, whereas lifestyle factors factors like smoking and obesity might also contribute to the current shortening.

Being inactive for large number of hours day by day has been joined to being overweight and obesity, some kinds of cancers, type2 diabetes and early death.

Research suggests that excessive sitting will prevent the body’s metabolism, which may have effect on an individual’s ability to manage blood glucose, pressure level and to metabolize fat.

individuals ought to exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes every week and scale back the quantity of your time spent sitting down, whether it is spent at a  laptop, looking TV,  travel on a bus or in any automotive, or doing any other work.


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