Alcohol-based hand sanitizers area unit meant to assist keep children safe from germs, however once children misuse them, the sanitizers could cause harm. Cases are rumored of children with eye irritation, vomiting and even some cases of children ingesting sanitizer and concluding in coma, reported by a study.

Hand sanitizers that contained alcohol were cited in additional than 65,000 calls, the office researchers aforementioned. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain either ethyl alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages or isopropanol. Sanitizers will contain 60 to 95 % alcohol by volume, non-alcohol sanitizers contain alternative chemicals.

The researchers noted that in 5 cases, youngsters fell into a coma, and in 3 cases, youngsters had seizures. Alternative serious health effects enclosed terribly low blood glucose in 2 youngsters and a decrease or halting of the respiratory rate in 2 youngsters. Over  90 % of the incidents occurred in youngsters below the age group of 5, the researchers noted that there have been additionally reports of incidents in older youngsters, as well as some UN agency had deliberately eaten hand sanitizer. These youngsters typically had worse outcomes than the kids with associate degree accidental exposure.

Although cleaning hands with soap and water is most well-liked, the researcher’s aforementioned alcohol-based hand sanitizer’s area unit is the best choice for hand hygiene.

Hand sanitizers ought to even be placed on wherever young youngsters cannot reach them.

“Increased parental or teacher supervising could be required for the children during the usage of these alcohol-based hand sanitizers”.



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