Rotavirus is known to be a virus which infects the bowels and causes acute bowel and stomach inflammation. Rotavirus is regarded as the most common reason behind severe infant and children diarrhea. It is responsible for the death of around 500,000 children every year across the globe. In most instances, the symptoms of rotavirus usually would go away within just a few days. The main concern is actually the risk of dehydration or lack of fluids. The most important thing to do is to give the kids plenty of water to drink or fluids by the mouth to rule out dehydration.

A rotavirus infection would show symptoms within a couple of days of exposure. The initial symptoms of rotavirus infection are vomiting and fever which would be followed by watery stools or diarrhea for three days to a week. Rotavirus infection may be accompanied by abdominal pain. In healthy adults, a Rotavirus infection would be resulting in mostly mild symptoms and in some cases no symptoms would be present.

How Does Rotavirus Spread?

Rotavirus seems to be present in the intestines of any infected person and it could pass out in stools. It could spread easily from an infected individual to another, thanks to close contact. This is mostly because the Rotavirus is present on the infected individual’s hands after he had gone to the toilet. In case of smaller children wearing diapers and nappies, it could be spreading from the hand of the infected individual who is changing the child’s diapers or nappies. Objects or surfaces that have been touched by the infected individual would facilitate the virus to get transmitted easily to others. Rotavirus could be transmitted if the infected individual cooks food.  Rotavirus could be affecting a large number of people in schools or nurseries. It would be taking around 48 hours for symptoms to develop after your first contact with the virus. This period is often, referred to as, the virus’s incubation period.


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