Everyone have a feeling that kids with sight are painful. It is hard to wear glasses while their little sibling as cute and non four eyed as ever. But this would not happen if you know the fact i.e., they are nearsighted is more in first born babies and also it is termed as they are intelligent and get more education.

A study arise a question that, is this a new issue or have older siblings always gotten the short end of the eyesight stick?, to know about this researches in the UK who were part of a huge national project called the UK Bio-bank, which is tracking the health of about half a million adults revealed that 30% of them are myopic between 40 and 69 years old given by the scientists—Jeremy Guggenheim of Cardiff University and Cathy Williams of the University of Bristol.

It was also analyzed that myopia is high in older siblings than the younger i.e. the first children were about 12% more likely to be nearsighted than second children and when compared with the other children firstborns were almost 40% more likely to be nearsighted.

The education taught for the children take much time  who are next to firstborn children but this is not exact analysis as they do not calculate how much time they spend for their outdoors and studying.

The difference of sight between firstborns and everyone is averaged to less than 0.25 diopters in glass prescription, but here only considering the factor education there would be chance of different factors.

Eye is the only vision and these problems have been spreading all over the world. Despite of reading or of becoming a book reader, hereditary and health issues may also help in consulting optometrist’s office and you may have nice frames and continue your reading without hesitation.


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