HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE is a disease related to the brain which cannot be cured. HD is also called as “HUNTINGTON’S CHOREA”. As stated earlier, it is a brain disease; it causes death in brain cells. It affects certain parts of the brain such as Neostratium, Cerebral Cortex, Hippocampus, Cerebellum, thalamus and Hypothalamus. This disease is caused by autosomal dominant mutation of a gene called Huntington. The symptoms of this disease are similar to the Parkinson’s disease. Some of the symptoms include difficulty in eating like chewing and swallowing, abnormal face expressions and physical instability. The major cause for this disease is the deficiency of CYSTEINE.

Cysteine is an amino acid which is very essential to our body. Its chemical formula is “HO2CCH (NH2) CH2SH”. It is one of the functional and structural components of enzymes and proteins. Cysteine deficiency also cause AIDS, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Arthritis and other cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies on HD reveal that “a protein called Cystathionine Gamma Lyase (CSE) is responsible for the formation of Cysteine gets depleted in the HD” and during the depletion of Cysteine the Huntington cells will be increased causing HD.


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