The contamination of soil, water, atmosphere by the harmful substances like ash, dust and other particles is called Pollution. Pollution is the main cause for the health disorders in the people, mostly in the metropolitan cities. There were many sources of pollution like automobiles, water bodies etc., many of the scientists suggests that breathing polluted air for a long time can lead to sickness

Pollution is very harmful to our health. It causes many health disorders. Recent studies are saying that it was the main reason for the lung cancer. The results suggest that exposure to air pollution can raise the risk of becoming extremely overweight which is also called as obesity. It agrees with many other studies that air pollution  affects the  metabolism of the body.

Another study found that when pregnant mice were exposed to exhaust from diesel engines, their pups grew up to be heavier  and face illness. The pups also developed more inflammation in their brains. Pollution also increases signs of inflammation in the lungs, blood and fat. Researchers says that it might be possible to create medicines that reverse the negative health effects of air pollution, but these medicines will take time to develop.



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