ANESTHESIA is a condition of being in unconscious state temporarily. It is used for controlling the pain of an individual during the surgery or any typical treatments. It is also used to control the blood pressure, heavy breathing, flow of blood and heart beat. It is given in the form of injections, medicines, nasal sprays etc., and it is a temporary condition of the body which lasts for few minutes or hours. There are three types of anesthesia such as General Anesthesia, Local Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation.

Scientists started research to know how anesthesia is dragging out the consciousness of the body. But they do not know what exactly is going on so they introduced some electrodes into the scalp of the monkey which records the activity of the brain using EEG’s (electroencephalograms). This experiment provided various clues on how the brain loses and gains the consciousness.

Brain and Nerve cells are responsible for the unconscious state of individual because of intake of Anesthesia, so the scientists put the electrodes on the scalp of monkey to know the functioning of its brain. There will be two interconnected brain networks consisting of nerve cells in which one network deals with incoming sensory information and the other gives different kinds of information. They found that before the anesthesia was given the activities in the two networks is same but when the anesthesia is given the networks were dropped out and the individual obtains the state of unconsciousness.


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