Artificial hearing is a technology which helps a deaf person to hear the noise, speech etc., It was put forward to overcome the difficulties faced by the deaf person and moreover it’s also difficult for an ordinary person for conveying the information to the deaf. This technology was first developed in 1970’s and this came to usage around 1980’s. Nowadays nearly 300,000 people were using this technology all over the world.

Artificial hearing is a technology dumped in a machine called artificial hearing machine. The main principle behind this machine is that it converts the sound signals into electrical signals. These electrical signals directly sent to the brain through the auditory nerve and after the arrival of the signal, the person then understands or hears the speech, noise.

But the implants don’t fully restore hearing-unable to understand the speech clearly but they enable processing of human speech. Researches were going on to restore the hearing of the deaf completely by replacing the electrical signals with the LASER (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) and LED (light emitting diode) to increase the range of frequencies so that the implants can hear and reproduce sound accurately.


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