Success is a positive feeling we feel when we achieve our goal. Can we forecast it? Yes we can. Our emerging technologies made this technique possible through genes test. Scientists found thousands of genetic variations that independently were hardly considerable, but collectively presented a way of scheming what is called a “polygenic score” that accounted for 2% of the variation in educational achievement

Genetic profiles of the New Zealanders where observed by the Belsky and his colleagues, they found that those with advanced polygenic scores not only had a better education, but went on to accomplishing more in further ways. By the period of 38, they had more esteemed occupations, higher incomes and more possessions and were better at running their capital. The individuals’ polygenic scores could foresee success even when the group accounted for their level of education.

The relationship held regardless of whether the person had come from a affluent or pitiable family, too – those with a higher polygenic score were more liable to reach upward social mobility, and do better than their parents. They also found that successful people with higher polygenic scores were more likeable and welcoming, both as children and adults.

Plomin says “It is essential that public should identify and value genetic scores”. “When children don’t perform well, we censure their teachers and parents, but kids differ hereditarily. That doesn’t mean a kid can’t learn, but we should recognize that it might take more effort.”



EXERCISE is a physical activity which is very essential for the health of a human body. It is required to improve the physical fitness, overall health and wellness of the body. It keeps the condition of our body in a stable state.

Due to busy schedules, people have no time and not interested or giving less priority for doing the exercise and facing many health disorders. Exercise must be done by everyone for various reasons such as it increases growth and development of the body, strengthens the muscles and cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss and body management. The regular physical exercise boosts up our immune system and prevents diseases or affluence such as diabetes, obesity, thyroid and various cardiovascular diseases. It also helps us in decreasing the stress, depression and increases the quality of sleep.

The main advantage of doing regular exercise is that it prevents the AGING. Most of the people try to with hold their age but it’s very difficult for them to do it, in such cases exercise is the best solution for them. The age from 30 or 35 makes the day to day life of the person harder. Being aged exercising helps in preventing muscle mass as they get resistance to build up due to aging. Exercising provides strength and power to the body, it protects from many health disorders. In the aged people there will be much effect on their brain, the processing speed of the brain also decreases. Exercising gives protection for both the functioning of it and its structure. One of the major benefits of exercising is that it increases the birth of new brain cells.





The contamination of soil, water, atmosphere by the harmful substances like ash, dust and other particles is called Pollution. Pollution is the main cause for the health disorders in the people, mostly in the metropolitan cities. There were many sources of pollution like automobiles, water bodies etc., many of the scientists suggests that breathing polluted air for a long time can lead to sickness

Pollution is very harmful to our health. It causes many health disorders. Recent studies are saying that it was the main reason for the lung cancer. The results suggest that exposure to air pollution can raise the risk of becoming extremely overweight which is also called as obesity. It agrees with many other studies that air pollution  affects the  metabolism of the body.

Another study found that when pregnant mice were exposed to exhaust from diesel engines, their pups grew up to be heavier  and face illness. The pups also developed more inflammation in their brains. Pollution also increases signs of inflammation in the lungs, blood and fat. Researchers says that it might be possible to create medicines that reverse the negative health effects of air pollution, but these medicines will take time to develop.



Carbon dioxide is a gas which has no color, odour and incombustible. It is a chemical compound consisting of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms and its molecular formula is given by CO2. The other names for CO2 are “carbonic anhydride and carbonic-acid gas”. Being the naturally occurring gas, some of the other sources of CO2 are as follows:

  • Exhalation
  • Combustion of coal, coke and natural gas
  • Fermentation of carbohydrates
  • Reaction of acid with limestone or with other carbonates
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Extinguishers
  • Various industries

CO2 is very harmful to the atmosphere and it is one of the green house gases which are responsible for the green house effect in the atmosphere. It is harmful to the living beings if there is rise in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. After the many researches held by the scientists, they finally founded a way to decreases the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. They are converting the CO2 into the usable fuel such as “methanol”. As the CO2 is chemically unreactive it is first converted into carbon monoxide (CO) and then to methanol. The process of converting CO2 into CO is carried out in three steps as follows:

  • Firstly, the photons (the packets of light) are converted into negatively charged particles called electrons and the positively charged particles called holes will be separated from each other.
  • Secondly, the holes formed in the first step get reacted with the water molecules results in producing protons and oxygen molecules.
  • Thirdly, the electrons, protons and oxygen molecules formed in the above steps will be reacted together forming carbon monoxide (CO).

Finally this CO is converted into methanol using a catalyst called “tungsten diselenide”. This process is carried out by the artificial leaf invented by the scientists.


ANESTHESIA is a condition of being in unconscious state temporarily. It is used for controlling the pain of an individual during the surgery or any typical treatments. It is also used to control the blood pressure, heavy breathing, flow of blood and heart beat. It is given in the form of injections, medicines, nasal sprays etc., and it is a temporary condition of the body which lasts for few minutes or hours. There are three types of anesthesia such as General Anesthesia, Local Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation.

Scientists started research to know how anesthesia is dragging out the consciousness of the body. But they do not know what exactly is going on so they introduced some electrodes into the scalp of the monkey which records the activity of the brain using EEG’s (electroencephalograms). This experiment provided various clues on how the brain loses and gains the consciousness.

Brain and Nerve cells are responsible for the unconscious state of individual because of intake of Anesthesia, so the scientists put the electrodes on the scalp of monkey to know the functioning of its brain. There will be two interconnected brain networks consisting of nerve cells in which one network deals with incoming sensory information and the other gives different kinds of information. They found that before the anesthesia was given the activities in the two networks is same but when the anesthesia is given the networks were dropped out and the individual obtains the state of unconsciousness.


The physically challenged persons are one of the excluded sections of the society and also they face many problems in their daily life. They face many difficulties in doing their own work. Especially the people with one leg or no legs face many challenges that they could not even  walk by their own.

In the earlier days itself to overcome the difficulties faced by these people japan researchers invented the artificial legs made of plastic and other fabrics. These japan manufactured legs made the life of these handicapped people easier but the major defect in these are the manufactures face difficulty to take dimensions of the victim’s leg and preparing it with the accurate dimensions. These artificial legs makes injuries to the victim too. So, in order to overcome these difficulties many researches were put forward by many researchers and now they invented a new technology called artificial leg technology.

The artificial leg technology involves the usage of 3D scanning technology. The new process uses mobile 3D scanning technologies to accurately capture and transmit 3D models of the residual limb, to design comfortable transformal sockets. This technology is used to fabricate plastic models of residual limbs to support the socket manufacturing process. The scanner allows the technicians to quickly and accurately measure residual limb dimensions. The scanned data will be beamed to the cloud, and downloaded by manufacturing center to design and manufacture perfectly  fitting prostheses.



Artificial hearing is a technology which helps a deaf person to hear the noise, speech etc., It was put forward to overcome the difficulties faced by the deaf person and moreover it’s also difficult for an ordinary person for conveying the information to the deaf. This technology was first developed in 1970’s and this came to usage around 1980’s. Nowadays nearly 300,000 people were using this technology all over the world.

Artificial hearing is a technology dumped in a machine called artificial hearing machine. The main principle behind this machine is that it converts the sound signals into electrical signals. These electrical signals directly sent to the brain through the auditory nerve and after the arrival of the signal, the person then understands or hears the speech, noise.

But the implants don’t fully restore hearing-unable to understand the speech clearly but they enable processing of human speech. Researches were going on to restore the hearing of the deaf completely by replacing the electrical signals with the LASER (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) and LED (light emitting diode) to increase the range of frequencies so that the implants can hear and reproduce sound accurately.