Everyone in this world love to eat food but worrying about their weight they maintain diet by avoiding the fat foods. But a new study reveals that eating some types of fat would help you in a positive way.

A diet named Mediterranean diet which is rich in either olive oil or nuts. This diet would help in reducing the weight and the circumference of the waist. Olive oil and nuts are having healthy fats and plant proteins so having many health benefits ,heart diseases can be reduced , type 2 diabetes and also for obese people.

Even though of all benefits, obese people consume vegetable oil as they believe that olive oil and nuts would tend them to increase in their weight given by Dr.Ramon Estruch. In the five year study  of about 7,500 older adults of Spain who were overweight, obese and also type 2 diabetes with three risk factors for heart disease.  The diet followed by them were

  1. 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil with Mediterranean diet.
  2. Three servings of nuts each week or a control diet with Mediterranean diet.

Instead of saturated fat, olive oil and nuts have monounsaturated fat which is good for health. Industry groups offered olive oil and nuts, by studying them they noticed that people have reduced noticeable weight when compared with the normal control group i.e. by 1lb (0.4 kilograms) by olive oil while with nut consumed people were also reduced in weight, by consuming both olive oil and nuts they also have experienced weight in the waist circumference. But the people who followed Mediterranean diet also need to avoid calorie.

It states that calories you consume versus the calories you burn for a good control on weight. But Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist said that the study was conducted on the people of Spain who already had Mediterranean diet style so the study should also be done on American style diet.


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