Success is a positive feeling we feel when we achieve our goal. Can we forecast it? Yes we can. Our emerging technologies made this technique possible through genes test. Scientists found thousands of genetic variations that independently were hardly considerable, but collectively presented a way of scheming what is called a “polygenic score” that accounted for 2% of the variation in educational achievement

Genetic profiles of the New Zealanders where observed by the Belsky and his colleagues, they found that those with advanced polygenic scores not only had a better education, but went on to accomplishing more in further ways. By the period of 38, they had more esteemed occupations, higher incomes and more possessions and were better at running their capital. The individuals’ polygenic scores could foresee success even when the group accounted for their level of education.

The relationship held regardless of whether the person had come from a affluent or pitiable family, too – those with a higher polygenic score were more liable to reach upward social mobility, and do better than their parents. They also found that successful people with higher polygenic scores were more likeable and welcoming, both as children and adults.

Plomin says “It is essential that public should identify and value genetic scores”. “When children don’t perform well, we censure their teachers and parents, but kids differ hereditarily. That doesn’t mean a kid can’t learn, but we should recognize that it might take more effort.”



Everyone in this world love to eat food but worrying about their weight they maintain diet by avoiding the fat foods. But a new study reveals that eating some types of fat would help you in a positive way.

A diet named Mediterranean diet which is rich in either olive oil or nuts. This diet would help in reducing the weight and the circumference of the waist. Olive oil and nuts are having healthy fats and plant proteins so having many health benefits ,heart diseases can be reduced , type 2 diabetes and also for obese people.

Even though of all benefits, obese people consume vegetable oil as they believe that olive oil and nuts would tend them to increase in their weight given by Dr.Ramon Estruch. In the five year study  of about 7,500 older adults of Spain who were overweight, obese and also type 2 diabetes with three risk factors for heart disease.  The diet followed by them were

  1. 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil with Mediterranean diet.
  2. Three servings of nuts each week or a control diet with Mediterranean diet.

Instead of saturated fat, olive oil and nuts have monounsaturated fat which is good for health. Industry groups offered olive oil and nuts, by studying them they noticed that people have reduced noticeable weight when compared with the normal control group i.e. by 1lb (0.4 kilograms) by olive oil while with nut consumed people were also reduced in weight, by consuming both olive oil and nuts they also have experienced weight in the waist circumference. But the people who followed Mediterranean diet also need to avoid calorie.

It states that calories you consume versus the calories you burn for a good control on weight. But Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist said that the study was conducted on the people of Spain who already had Mediterranean diet style so the study should also be done on American style diet.


In every aspect by the keen observation a person can be identified by his physical appearance mainly focused on height. Being tall or short is a big question because taller is always more beneficial than shorter in this competition world.

Recent studies reveal that being tall may affect their health as they are more susceptible to cancer and have short life span. But no one is aware of how height affects the longetivity.


The problem of being height is not a new problem, as it came into existence in 1975’s by a scientist proposed a link between height and breast cancer in women. But most of the studies focus on breast cancer. Other studies focused on how the height affects the cancer but they were not successful in demonstrating how to control these affects due to height which is given by the epidemiologist named Geoffrey Kabat at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.

Kabat says that the link provided is more complicated as it is hard to identify a specified disease by measuring the height. He also said that “Any cancer case that arises in a person is due to the height and cancer but it cannot be any factor for sure”.

A fact that taller ones are more in weight than shorter people .The variations in BMI is because of variables such as nutrition, diet and stress are associated with height and weight. But psychosocial variables like income, education and status doesn’t vary the height and weight.


Kabat has done a brief study on 144701 women exactly who were enrolled in Women’s Health Initiative study occurred between 1993 and 1998 at 40 clinical sites around the country which was followed by him from 12 years so that he can precisely  the relationship between height and a variety of cancers found in women.

A noteworthy relationship between height and cancer at any site in the body is for each additional 10 cm (3.94 inches) of height, a woman had a 1.13 times greater overall cancer risk which was published earlier irrespective of controlling the body weight, status and BMI.

As of now Kabat do not have any lucid explanation of why it happens but taller people have more growth factors which helps in development of cancer which may also include diet and nutrition. A general explanation is taller person have more cells in the body which could help cancer because more cells may grow out of control.

“But the relation is quite difficult because growth takes place in early stages while cancer occur after four decades”- Kabat.

In spite of all these, Kabat says that don’t worry about all these folks as yourself cannot be made short and concentrate on good diet, physical exercise and quit smoking  which could reduce cancer .

Other Disease

Not only cancer, scientists are examining on how height relates to the Heart but it is quite controversial with the case of cancer. In this the taller persons who are more than 6′ 1″ (185 cm) had a 35% lower risk of having a heart attack than men who were shorter than 5′ 7″ (170 cm). Every inch a man gains in height results in a 2-3% reduce in heart attack risk.

Tall people, Short Span?

According to the scientist Samar, it is always yes that short people live longer than tall people.

Apart from all these some studies are quite controversy to this relation while Samar states that height is the only factor responsible for the longevity and it is not only the factor which also considers body weight, genes, education, economic status, smoking and drinking, social network and stress.

He also concludes that “one should stop worrying of being tall and focus on being healthy “and lead a happy life even if it is a short span.

Especially tall basket ball players and supermodels when affected with small cancer, we would not stop from looking up to these people and envying their heights—potential health risks be damned.