According to American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2013 and Cardiology research says, a cup of caffeinated coffee can decrease the risk from heart disease and stroke, and can improve the function of large arteries with high doses of caffeine. Based on this study Dr. Masato Tsutsui and his team have done an experiment on people ranging from age 22-30, those who did not drink coffee regularly.

An Image displaying the Caffeine in Coffee On a day, each member had drunk one five-ounce cup of regular or decaffeinated coffee. Then finger blood flow was measured by the team with a laser Doppler flowmetry. After two days the experiment was repeated by choosing caffeinated coffee. When compared the results with decaffeinated, caffeinated coffee increased the blood pressure and enhanced vessel inner lining function. Based on this result Dr. Masato Tsutsui suggests that caeffine helps in improving blood vessel function and decreased inflammation gradually.


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